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    Revolutionary New Tools for
    Law School Administrators

Assessing your law school curriculum based on the MBE scores of students who did not pass the bar exam is not the most effective way of diagnosing deficiencies. AdaptiBar's Law School Analytics™ subject performance data provides an accurate and reliable way of determining to what extent your students are prepared for the bar exam. AdaptiBar analyzes your students' performance over time and allows you to pinpoint exactly where your current curriculum needs improvement. Our goal is to provide you with the concrete data you have always needed but never have.

Together We Can Raise Your School's Passage Rate With Our Law School Partnership Program

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Teaming up with AdaptiBar is an easy decision and we make a pretty good case for that. Not only will we help significantly raise your school's overall bar passage rate but, together, we will:

Be at the forefront of MBE exam prep evolution.

Provide your students with every advantage through the latest in technology, research, and education.

Raise your students' MBE scores.

Improve your law school's standing.