With AdaptiBar, you can take your MBE prep anywhere in the world with an Internet or Wi-Fi connection. Log in to your AdaptiBar account on any desktop, tablet, or mobile device to answer licensed MBE questions, read detailed answer explanations, and track your performance. When you log out, your data will be saved to pick up studying where you left off, whenever and wherever is convenient for you.

Available on iOS and Android, you can also download the AdaptiBar mobile app for an even greater on-the-go study experience. The app is designed to provide you with comprehensive access to AdaptiBar’s patented adaptive technology and program features – all with the tap of a finger. Not to mention, no online connection is needed while using the app. Simply answer and review as many MBE questions as you’d like. When your phone comes back online, your data will automatically sync to your AdaptiBar account for your next study session.