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    Our Process

Partnering with AdaptiBar, administrators across the country now have the data they need to predict how their students will perform on the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE). Since AdaptiBar gathers performance data over a period of time, not just from one exam, the performance analysis reports are far more accurate and reliable than any data you may get from your jurisdiction. You can accurately identify weaknesses in certain subjects and subtopics, allowing you to fine tune your curriculum and increase bar passage rates.

Our Process


Create Co-Brand Synergy

Team up with AdaptiBar to create a customized study package that best suits your law school's needs. We will provide you with all of the materials you need to make bar exam preparation a success, including building an online landing page that allows your students to sign up for the program quickly and efficiently. Then, choose from giving your students an exclusive AdaptiBar discount or purchase enrollments for some (or all) of your graduating class.


Get The Students Onboard

We know that communicating with students is key to effectively implementing our program into your law school curriculum. That's why AdaptiBar will draft personalized email templates for you to send to your students detailing the advantages that our program will provide them with. Just a few of these include adaptive technology that tracks their strengths and weaknesses, timing analysis, and a proven accurate prediction of how they will score on the MBE.


Collect Data

Create online assignments for your students made up of licensed MBE questions that you handpick, or assign questions from specific subjects, subtopics, or an OPE exam. As students prepare for the MBE using AdaptiBar, their performance will be consolidated into a central knowledge repository that only you can access. You will also be able to see other law schools' statistics to compare your students' performance to your competitors.


Performance Reports

Track the individual and collective progress of your students and law school in every section of the MBE. By generating detailed performance reports with our technology, you can measure the effectiveness of your curriculum using current numbers instead of irrelevant feedback from past students or your state jurisdiction.


Keep Your Faculty Engaged

AdaptiBar CEO and founder Tarek Fadel will personally visit your school to speak directly with your educators and graduating class about our program and the latest trends in MBE preparation. It's a surefire way to ensure that your law school becomes a leader in bar exam preparation and your students remain committed to their studies.

Contact us today for more information on how, together, we can start improving your school's bar passage rate as well as your students' confidence in the preparation process. We will customize a package that works for you and your students.

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