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    Why Partner With Us

When your students use AdaptiBar's online MBE simulator & prep program, they have an extra edge in preparing for the bar exam and you get access to valuable performance data to effectively evaluate your curriculum. Our goal is to give you the information about your students' performance that you always wanted, but never had. Partnering with AdaptiBar gives you access to the data you need to diagnose your students' strengths and weaknesses before the upcoming bar exam. Based on AdaptiBar's Law School Analytics™ performance analysis, you can fine tune your curriculum, enhance bar exam results, and improve your law school's standing. Law School Analytics™ gives you access to valuable performance reports that allow you to:

  • View your students' subject performance, collectively or individually, in each subject & subtopic for any given date range.

  • Compare your students' performance to national & state averages.

  • Analyze the performance of students at other schools in your state.

  • Share PDF reports of your students' performance with your colleagues.

  • Determine if your students' performance is a function of timing rather than a lack of knowledge.

  • Gauge your faculty's effectiveness in preparing students for the MBE.

Since 2003, thousands of students worldwide have successfully prepared for the MBE with AdaptiBar. And now, dozens of law schools nationwide are benefiting from Law School Analytics™ by assessing their students' performance and making the necessary adjustments to their curriculum to better prepare their students for the MBE. Join the and contact us today.

Be sure to ask about AdaptiBar's Baby Bar (California FYLSE) prep program, if applicable.